What are the social responsibilities of the students?

Students are also part of the society and they have social responsibilities. The culture, atmosphere of academic institutions, and geo locations are depending on the social responsibilities. Students are using a lot ways to interact with people from the society. Everyone can see a barrier between students and society. Students are having some limitation to interact with society, because they are spending major part of the day at their academic institution, but students can’t hide from the social responsibility. Students can’t take whole social responsibility in their heads, because students are partially active in society. They know up to date information through Medias. Today’s all kinds of news and information will get in our finger tips. Also we have a lot of kind’s social Medias to interact with people. Social media changed world entirely. Anyone can give their opinion through social Medias from any places in the world. Also students are always engaged in social medias, but we should one thing every activities have some negative. Currently we saw many cases based on social Medias related to students’ activities. Before using these kinds of Medias you should have some knowledge about it’s’ consequence. Students can give the contribution without using Medias. Social Medias are very danger; if you are not using it properly with basis of society problems it will make big issue in society with your name. So students should give attention when using social Medias. Students are next generation of a country, so they have responsibility to make his/her country at top level, because developments are in students hands. But as person we have to prevent some bad activities and need to do some good activities to make better society. Reading below points all students will get a picture about their social responsibility.

Primarily academic teachers and academic institutions are creating the path to interact with society. Students are just following the path based on teacher’s guidelines and viewpoints. Initially student needs to create small- small societies or groups based on major issues like, environment problems, student’s anti-drugs society, health society with AIDS awareness, waste controlling society, traffic and road softy groups, and community service society, etc. education system totally supported the social awareness educations. It is the best way to teach social responsibilities to students. College-degree level academic students are mostly active with above mentioned societies. Our society is facing a lot of problems and here explain how to solve these problems from academic students’ side. Our society is mostly facing environmental problems. Our water sources likes pond, small streams, and rivers are don’t carrying water. Day by day we increased the cutting of woods and it cause to deforestation. Also increased the usage of petroleum products and also using chemical in soil for farming. These are cause to become global warming and usage plastics and other resources break the strength of ozone layer. As student, you can prevent these activities with support of your school environmental society. Conduct the workshops and seminar to aware students about the consequence of this disaster. Students can plant trees and small plants on roadside, in their institutions, and home. Our population increased, so we are forced to use more resources. This will cause to make more problems of next generations. These are the main environmental problem face by society.

We know many students are part and carriers of the drug mafia. These kinds of groups are spoiling student’s career and life through their activities. Many families are victim of drug controllers. The students are main part of the activities. As student, your responsibility to stop these drug usage. If your friends are using any drugs, stop them and give an awareness class to them to prevent the usage of drugs. Students can utilize academic societies and groups to stop this harmful drugs usage. Next problem in the society is equality. Many places we can see inequality and women don’t get right position in the society and job places. Police were registered many cases and still registering women harassment cases. Academic students can easily show the equality with basis of the institutions. Also students can decrease the crime rate in their society through their activities. Students are taking any method to aware the people. Road drams, seminars, and small programs with flash mobs are generally using methods. Also you can create short films, and painting exhibition to aware the people. Through these activities you will get leadership quality and you can understand pulse of your society. Also if you are member of the academic society, you learn how to behave and how to interact with other persons. The academic groups or societies are in student’s hand, the whole activities of societies controlled by students. Education system is giving more importance for doing these kinds of activities from student’s side, also giving extra grade for the social activities.

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