Use of electronic items for classroom activities

Classroom has important role in students’ life and it gives opportunities to build up a good academic career and personality in life. Students are expressing or presenting their abilities initially at their classroom, and their classmates or friends, and teachers are their audience. Classroom and teachers’ teaching methods are closely related to a student’s career and personality development. The teachers are finding and understanding their students’ skills at classroom. The teachers are doing many alternations based on academic syllabus. Students can easily catch visuals in their minds, so teachers are giving attracted visual impact in the classroom, but teacher preventing more visual because it will become a reason to divert students’ mind. You can see more changes in classroom, and education system totally changed and it followed current the technologies. Now day’s parents are expecting smart classroom and academic environments for their children. Also students are waiting for high tech classroom with all study facilities. After discovering of computer, we have done a lot changes in education system and syllabus. We are all using computer and related technologies for doing our works. So students should know methods to handle technologies in our life. Also teachers are changed their teaching style with help of electronic equipments. Try to know what advantages and disadvantages get from classroom using electronic equipments.

Teaching methods improved

Teachers can easily complete their portion within available time. Most of the teachers, especially college level teachers are using computer and presentation works for teaching. These way teachers can explain the subject with a demo works. Normally academic teachers are presenting class based on vocal strength and there are no examples and demo works. So after using of electronic equipments teachers can give more clarity, this make a good advantage when using electronic equipments in classroom.

Upgraded the learning style

After improvisation of technologies and discoveries, learning style totally changed. Before ten years, academic students need to save time for searching resources for their exam, projects, and seminar preparation. Also limited counts academic libraries are there in before 10 years. But now students will get any resources sitting at their home or school. Don’t need to walk to academic libraries. The internet services made and give a lot advantages for academic or education area. Many universities and academic institutions are providing online libraries and academic resources through internet. We can see LCD projectors, and computers in the classroom. So learning becomes very easy to all academic level students.

Students’ creativity increased

The creativity level increase through technologies. Students are developing new equipments using their own skills and knowledge. Many videos and tutorials are available at online and if you are watching this you will inspired to do new findings. These way students can prove their caliber and knowledge to the world. Some disadvantages are there when you are using electronic equipment in classroom. Now day’s students are mostly involved in social Medias and other online Medias using mobile phone, also this cause to generate many problems in students’ life. Many students are sometimes misusing electronic item in their classroom, so academic teachers and administration team strictly banned mobile phones in academic campus. The parents and teachers must give attention on students each activity of electronic equipments like mobile and computers, also aware them how to use it right method and how use these all for build a good career for them.

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