Importance of self protection mentality building in student’s life

Now days, we can see a lot incidents related to students in medias. Most of the cased based on noticing students protection. So that we can said students are not protected in our society, especially girls are facing many problems in their academic and other areas. Police are registered a lot cases based on kidnapping, sexual harassments, and rape, etc. academic students have very limited knowledge about self protection. Our world totally change, children are kidnapped by criminals for different kinds of purposes. Some criminal persons are used children’s organs for sail, and some others are put them into do different types of job. Most important thing and most cases are registered based on sexual crimes. The girls are mainly victims for their activities. The drugs and mobiles have important roles into these crimes. Many students are addicted on drugs and mobiles. They are doing various kinds of activities when doing these. Many students are lost their life because this and some others suicide. Students are creating a new world on social Medias through mobiles and sharing their personal information through it. These are focusing major problems, so we can categorize problems based on mental protection, physical protection, and social media involvements. Our society future is in student’s hand, so we need to break these all problem. Read the blog and learn how to prevent these problems and how to create self protection.

Mental protection:-

Students’ minds are fresher and they not reached at matured level. Thoughts, activities, and all manners are different and also each child’s family and other backgrounds are different. Focus on academic life, that way you can see many problems related to mental harassments. Some schools and colleges are focusing on their value, so that they need more bright students. To get bright students, the administration gives more pressure to students for achieve that. Sometimes cruel punishments give to students. These are breaking the mental health and they become depressed. Also students are facing more harassment from their friends and teachers; sometimes it’s hardly in to heart. The self-confidence is needed to break these all issues. Also give self motivation classes at academic classes and include special programs and tasks to develop self-confidence. Also give awareness classes about the society and persons’ behavior. Avoid drugs usage also know the side effects and disadvantages its usage. You can divert your mind into sports and arts activities, and these kinds of activities will give some relaxation from your stress and depression.

Physical protection:-

Try to add the martial arts education in education system. Karate, judo, and other martial arts are helpful to give self physical protection. Students must learn these martial arts for protecting themselves. Many girls are attacked by stranger when walking on the street alone. If you are learning it you can block sudden attack. Internationally schools are giving more importance for martial arts education and giving training for students. Students can’t understand who good persons are, and how to know the persons’ behavior. Academic teachers have the responsibility to build the self protection mind into students’ life. If teachers and parents don’t give attention on this, can’t solve when facing a big problem. Give the awareness classes; conduct the seminar and programs, and flash mobs can make impact on students’ mind. Train the students to improve their analysis power. Practically it’s not easy, but martial arts training help to increase concentration, and decision making skill. If any bad thing happen in our childhood, it will totally changed our life also it will hang up entire life. That’s why some students are fall into depression stage. If you are students, when you leaving from home, inform your parents about where to go, what the purpose, and research time. If any problem may happen, your parents can easily track you.

Social media:-

Students are interacting with social media more effectively. Majority time they spending their time at social media. Also some suicide games are available at online. Students are suddenly attracted on these kinds of games. Lonely less and depression are behind it. Parents should talk with their children at least one hour in a day. Also block the unwanted sites when the browsing. Social media has two sides, and we must concentrate on positive side. Prevent the crime against the children, and show right direction to all. Students are our future, so don’t destroy them.

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