How the over strictness affect a student life?

Every student categorizes their instructor according to their behavior and approaches towards them. Different teacher implement different rule and regulations within the classroom. Some teachers may over strict and who are extremely hard on students. But a soft minded teacher always tries to motivate their students to overcome from all the barriers. They teach students to face difficult situations in their life and motivate them to achieve everything that they deserve. There are mainly two kinds of opinions are there, some may think that, especially student, wish to be given independence to convey their objective in academic activities rather than to be guided immovably by the teacher. But some other may think that, only a strict teacher can be generating an extra ordinary student. But actually there are both positive and negative impacts of being a strict teacher. Well organized classes, well disciplined students, good inspired students are the important positive aspects while less agreeable, discouraging mentality, and students defiance are the negative impacts of the over strictness.

We know that well organized classrooms, well disciplined students, good inspired students are the positive impact of being a strict teacher. A strict teacher always controls their classrooms with involving rude rule. If anyone make voice or should during their class time, teacher may give punishment to their students. They always try to lead their students in to a straight path. A strict teacher trains their students to filter right and wrong separately. If they violate the rule, they may punish students for that. So students always try to follow the proper path if their instructor is a strict person. Well organized class is another importance aspect of a strict teacher. They will force the students to learn and study the material which are arranged in their classrooms. With a strict environment, students force to study more compare to free environment. It is easy to build a strong and responsible personality with the help of a strong and strict atmosphere. They follow the proper way because of the punishment that they may get while disobey the rules and regulations. So that, most of the students try to follow the proper path while they are in strict atmosphere.

Completing academic task on proper time is one of the important things. In most of the cases students fail to complete their academic activities at the proper time because of the lack of knowledge to complete that or because of the laziness. But when they have a strict and strong teacher, they may take any action while they are not complete it on time. So that students obey their teachers word and always submit or finish their academic activities on proper time because of the afraid to being punished. More than a well organized class room atmosphere and highly talented student, it is necessary to build a good and respectable personality. It is important to become a respectable personality among people. But it is not possible to get the respect without respecting the rights of others. It can train in our school life with respecting teachers.

It also considers that over strictness not always produce positive impacts on students, but also it produce the negative impacts on students. It makes a huge gap between students and teachers. Students fail to express their personal or academic issues with their teachers because of the strict or rude characteristics of the teacher. There are many teachers who think that, they may get respect from students only with rude or strict characteristics. Actually students afraid to approaches their teachers due to such kinds of character. So students never share anything with their teacher at any situation. Some time it may cause mental strength of the students also. Because of the strict rules, many students have the tendency to skip those classes. But it will effect to their overall performance of the students. While skipping the classes, they may not get important classes and it will directly effect to the academic marks and studies.

It is one of their approaches to abstain from making mistakes that he/she winds up doing senseless mix-ups, for example, misspeak, which welcomes facilitate feedback from a strict educator and damages his/her certainty. Moreover, being a strict educator will likewise triggers students growth since being a strict instructor frequently implies that we will be an instructor with a considerable measure of haters, which are our own students. Those haters normally don't feel good with our stern principles, so they endeavor to restrict those tenets by leading such disobedience. The rebellion itself can be through making boisterous, intruding on educators for irrelevant reasons, or even though battling with their companions.

All things considered, there are benefits and disadvantages of being strict instructors. In the positive side, it makes efficient class; strong student; and most extreme instructor regard. Then again, it triggers less agreeable; discouraging attitude; and students’ defiance. Be that as it may, educators really are proposed to pick distinctive teaching style, in the case of being strict or not, but suitable for different group of students.

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