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Writing is one of the important activities in every student's life and it plays an important role in our education life period. Students can't skip from these writing tasks due to any other reason because it decides the overall performance of each student. Each curriculum considers academic writing as an important skill and therefore they assign different writing assignment to write in their short academic period. Different instructors assign different writing assignment on different subject to their students.

Academic papers are bits of writing that inventively and attractively talk about a given theme for the most part to induce the reader to acknowledge a specific perspective, position, or method for understanding. But there are mainly two types of essays are available called personal essay and academic essay. Most of the time students requested to write academic essays at their university time period. Personal essays are requested to submit at the time of admission or other selection process. Hence academic essay paper is more important than the other types of essay paper. Academic essay paper should be extremely express about its topic, about its method for explain that topic and its contention and about the interconnections between every one of the thoughts that make up its contention. In fact, academic essay papers have mainly three components called introduction part, body sections, and finally conclusion part. All these parts have importance in essay writing process and each part have different functions.

Introduction is the first portion of the academic paper and it should be the first part a reader see while reading an academic paper. So that, an introduction should be an interesting and attractive part that should make a tendency in readers mind to read the whole article. A good introduction grasps the readers mind and makes an impression in them. Most of the time a busy reader will read introduction part to decide the quality of the academic papers. It should be short and try to make clear and concise. A good introduction part gives a proper idea about the topic to the reader. Main body part is the second section of the academic essay paper. It gives the detailed description of the main topic that we choose as the topic of our essay paper. Where, we can include all the supporting fact, ideas and thoughts that are used to state our statements. Follow a proper structure and format while writing these parts because a good connection or flow is necessary between the passages. Actually a body part contains different passages and each passage highlight the important point. Paragraph should focus the argument of our paper not the topic of the paper. Conclusion is the final part and it is brief and summary of the essay. Where we can restate the arguments that are presented in the body part and it is not allowed to include new theories in it. It should be an attractive and interesting as introduction part because some of the reader will read conclusion part instead of reading whole essay paper.It is important to follow some academic writing rules while writing academic papers. It is difficult to follow for most of the students. Due to these entire reasons students losing their academic marks and fail to achieve their academic goal.

Choosing a best essay writing services is the best opportunity to get best academic help. With the help of expert and experienced writers best custom essay writing service provides quality academic papers. All the expert writers are hire after the series of selection process and there for they can produce an excellent papers. In internet lots of academic custom essay writing services are available but choosing best services among them is a difficult task. We can see that the availability of scamming service increasing minute to minute. Using the reviews of essay writing services is best platform to select genuine custom essay writing services.

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